Tuesday, March 11

Walk a mile? Waterlooville is closer than you think

How long does it take to walk a mile?
The answer is 15 minutes (at a brisk pace), that's 4 miles an hour.

Is this slower than driving a mile to one of Waterloovilles car parks? Well not really, if you think about it, taking into account the traffic hold ups at lights, junctions and roundabouts, then finding a parking space, fetching a ticket and then walking from the car park to the centre, at best you might shave a few minutes off the journey and would have added some weight to your waist!
On a bad day it may very well take longer than walking. Also when the West of Waterlooville MDA is finished, traffic will get worse, why not start walking today!

So what is the point of driving, when walking costs nothing, rebuilds some muscles you lost, and loses you some weight.

How far is a mile, you may well ask?

It's about 1 mile from:
1. Hart Plain Avenue/London Rd junction to Waterlooville centre.
2. Hambledon Parade to Waterlooville centre.
3. Purbrook to Waterlooville centre.

Basically many thousands of people live within a 15 minute walk from Waterlooville. Do yourself and others a favour, walk to Waterlooville.

Sunday, March 9

West of Waterlooville MDA - photos of hedgerow destruction

Muddy mess after the assault on the trees and hedgerows. I wonder if they checked for nesting birds before the destruction?
High fence being constructed for or by Wimpey, replacing the trees and hedgerows, this will block off the view of the massive machines doing more destructive work later.
Stumps where the hedgerow and trees along the road once stood.

Saturday, March 8

Wimpey start the Waterlooville destruction

Before Wimpey start the West of Waterlooville MDA destruction...

... and not long after they start, hedgerows and trees chopped down.