Friday, January 23

Robert Swan talks about climate change and the Antarctic

Inspiring talk by Robert Swan (not an environmentalist) and his life long project to protect the Arctic and Antarctic:

Wednesday, January 14

Labour are 'Chicken'.

I don't like any of the political parties in the up and coming election, with the exception of the Pub Landlords - Free United Kingdom Party (FUKP), but the fact is Cameron is correct today in saying Ed Milliband is chickening out in supporting the Green Party taking part in the proposed TV election debates.


Because unfortunately the Green Party in the UK is basically a relatively hardcore socialist party now which just happens to have some green policies. Labour do not want to be up against another socialist party in the elections or in TV debates. I suspect Labour party members and other socialists have joined the Green Party and bolstered it's numbers.

To quote the Green Party:
"Politics should work for the benefit of all, not just those who shout the loudest or have the deepest pockets."
The problem is though, what if people today have to do some sacrificing in order for people in the future to live reasonably well or survive? The fact is, the Green (socialist) Party can not acknowledge that 'austerit'y today might be a requirement so that future generations can survive. They also have a bog standard 1970s style socialist defence policy, straight out of the far left and CND handbook.

The Labour party do not even mention any environmental policy in their election media campaign. The whole issue of abandoning facts and science was highlighted today by Paul Nurse who has said that politicians are 'cowardly' in repeated ignorance of scientific evidence that is unpopular with voters.

At least Al Murray is honest about the hypocracy and short termism that we have in politics and if you are a UKIP supporter, then frankly there is little difference between FUKP and UKIP policies, they are both based on fiction.

So what is the answer?

Enviromental and Climate Change policy must be outside party political processes, we need such laws and legislation built into our democratic system so that all political partys are Green and so that we don't have to have a political party with 'Green' in their name. Being green should not be negotiable.