Saturday, September 9

Berewood Estate is still a lie 4 years later

Just read an old post of mine from 2013 about the Berewood housing estate.

It is still true today, even more so with shops and pubs closing:

I'm sure some of those flats being built have only now come close to being finished 4 years after they were started. Aren't British builders fast!!? (not).

The thing is they manage to be incredibly slow, PLUS despite taking so, so, so long they can't do a good job. Our developer industry needs foreign competition from Europe to revolutionise new home builds, to both increase speed of construction on site and to improve quality.

Berewood should have been finished by now.

Friday, September 1

UKIP and Tories keen to create Bodge Britain

Looks like the Tories are determined to ruin our economic prospects by deliberately sabotaging the Brexit negotiations. Liam Fox ( who has experience of being forced to pay large amounts of expenses back to the UK parliament ) is joining David Davis in blaming the EU for Tory negotiating incompetence.

Lies, lies and more lies regarding the Tory position on the EU and Brexit. They appear to have no intention of making any deal and are quite happy to rip apart this nation for their own ideological purposes.

Meanwhile it appears Roger Helmer of UKIP has no clue at all about modern engineering and science. In a comment in a BBC article (see below) he equates power consumption of a vacuum cleaner to it's efficiency at do the job of vacuuming dirt.
If that were true we wouldn't need engineers or more than one company making the things, because a few designs of a specific wattage would be enough for all our needs. Dyson a great British success story would not need to exist.

Meanwhile in the real world of physics and engineering companies strive to make their products efficient, getting as much out of as little as possible. It's the cowboys and bodgers of this nation that satisify their greed and allow foreign competitors to exploit our skill shortage (Helmer being one of those lacking essential skills).

The truth is that the some of the greatest steps forward in communication, travel and product development in the last 50 years or so have been as a result of EU standards. We can thank the EU for reduced costs in products that we buy today. Without the EU,  low production runs due to differing national standards would make many products today impractical to produce. Some companies and individuals may complain about EU rules, but it is actually those rules that allow them to produce one product for the whole of the EU.