Saturday, January 25

Lovely Milton Road Bus Stop

I don't really understand people that just throw rubbish onto the ground.
It doesn't take much effort to retain crisp bags and drinks bottles until you have reached a public waste bin, I do it whenever I buy a food product that I want to consume immediately, or alternatively save money and don't buy a product that has plastic packaging. When it comes to paper and card (or hybrids that can be seperated, such as card and plastic sandwich packaging), I try and take it home to recycle.

Fixing the economy won't stop this, if anything a booming economy with fewer and fewer green policies will increase the amount of garbage, in hedgerows or in our bins. Picking it up and burning it isn't a solution either, that just moves the problem from the ground into the climate (carbon emissions).

Manufacturers and retailers are providing the product and using plastic, it isn't a question of blame, it's a question of identifying the source and those that have the capacity to change (retailers and manufacturers).

Saturday, January 11

Waterlooville Solar Farm

Apparently the big solar farm planned on the Southwick Estates got approval.
Been busy so not had the opportunity to blog much as I moved into full-time work.

Hope to get some photos of the solar plant when it is finished.
It's great news and it's difficult to believe that Hampshire has quite a few solar farms now.

Meanwhile a team at Harvard Uni has improved flow battery design, one of a number technologies that are important in large scale energy storage.

As Cameron recently linked the storms to climate change (well done!) there is a call for more money to fund research into an attribution system to test the links between climate change and extreme weather frequency.