Wednesday, August 24

Have your say about cycling

Havant Borough Council are wanting contributions to the consultation about the boroughs cycling policy. The deadline for submissions has been extended to 16th Sept so there is still time to contribute.

The council are developing a policy to get more people cycling and they want peoples views about how they can achieve this.

More info and the consultation form at

Tuesday, August 9

Fully Charged episode 27

Video time...

The latest episode of Fully Charged from Robert Llewellyn. Here he talks about the Nissan Leaf, the Top Gear review of the car and an Eco car Rally:

Tuesday, August 2

Wellington Park

Yet another change of name for the Taylor Wimpey housing development, once called Dukes Meadow and I think something else before that?? Now it's called Wellington Park, which is less subtle than Dukes Meadow. For a few months even the name of the developer changed, but now they seem to be happy with Taylor Wimpey:

Monday, August 1

New development

The Makiba development in Waterlooville looks like it has reached the top floor. Not sure what happened to the original developers, work on the site stopped for some time. The original plans were for flats and commercial premises, not sure if this is what is being built now, one assumes it is.

I remember when the Baytree Book Shop occupied the building on the corner.