Wednesday, December 22

Panorama - supermarkets

I have made a number of posts about small shops and supermarkets. This evenings Panorama programme on BBC1 called 'Supermarkets: What Price Cheap Food' is an excellent critique of the supermarket business model.

Amazingly, the programme only covers standard economic and cultural impacts of supermarkets which is enough to put anyone off. If the environmental and health impacts were added to the long list Panorama made, one wonders how any council or government would approve.

Do we want a monstrous future dominated by milk and cow factories, with supermarkets destroying communities?


Saturday, December 4

Mystery object

A little puzzle for anyone interested. I have uploaded a photo of an object that was produced in 1948, however similar objects have been used for centuries.

I know what it is, can you identify it?

Post your answers in the comments.

Clue: it has nautical connections, however it can be used in a non-nautical context.