Saturday, December 4

Mystery object

A little puzzle for anyone interested. I have uploaded a photo of an object that was produced in 1948, however similar objects have been used for centuries.

I know what it is, can you identify it?

Post your answers in the comments.

Clue: it has nautical connections, however it can be used in a non-nautical context.


carrie said...

small compass holder?

Anonymous said...

Using the age old scale of 'warm and cold' to indicate accuracy.
Your answer carrie deserves a 'cold'.

I think another clue is needed. Difficult to know how much to give away, but here is a go:

The users thumb goes through the hole.

Danners said...

Is it for sewing sails?

Danners said...

Actually what am I on about. sails? 1948? durr

TheVille said...

Ah ha. Right first time danners.
It can be used for sewing sales or leather work.

But how would it be used for sewing?

TheVille said...

That should have been sails, not sales!

TheVille said...

I think I'll just finish this. The object is a 'sailors palm'. You put your thumb through the hole and it allows you to push a needle through canvas for repairing sails. They can also be used to stitch leather.
Without it, you would end up pushing the needle through your hand as well as the canvas!