Tuesday, November 29

X9 bus route to be 'cut'

News on the grape vine is that the X9 bus service from Hambledon and Denmead to Portsmouth is to be cut, I believe the revised route will be between Denmead and Waterlooville (i'm not sure about Hambledon).

The route is currently financially supported by the one or more of the councils and they are no longer willing to support it beyond Waterlooville.

The service is currently the only one from Waterlooville to the entrances of Queen Alexander hospital and there is no information regarding any replacement service that stops at the hospital. Other services from Waterlooville require a long walk and some steps to the main entrances, not very good for the elderly, injured etc.

The change is scheduled on the 8th or 9th January 2017, so if you care about those that need public transport, get writing to your MP and your councillor.

Friday, November 11

Saturday, November 5

Unelected Newspaper Corporations, they don't run this nation

On the issue of Brexit and recent media comments...

Some of our national press (Daily Mail, Express and Telegraph) are currently enemies of the people.

Parliament will determine our future, NOT fat cat media liars.

There could be a case for legal action to be taken against the editors and other officials of newspapers for inciting hatred.

The question is... Why did the Tories and UKIP con everyone into believing that we could easily leave the EU?

Anyone who is competent does their research thoroughly then decides whether they can achieve what they want, but of course political parties just make up policies to win support then find out later that they have lied to everyone and can't achieve what they sold to the public.

If people are angry, then it isn't the judges or Gina Millers faults, it is a combination of ignorant politicians and the lies they sold to some (Brexit) voters who do not understand how are democracy works.


10 years a blogging...

Yep, in October this year the blog became a 10 year old.

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Winchester City Council and McDonalds team up at Waterlooville

Now you see them (trees)...
Now you don't...
The developers original plan for the ex BAE site at Waterlooville resulted in numerous trees being retained. In fact contractors spent a lot of time making sure some trees were retained. But the company that make a lot of claims about their new found environmental husbandary after years of environmental abuse (remember the McLibel case?) has now walked onto the site and appear to have demanded the saved trees be felled so that we can all see their new drive in diabetes and obesity outlet. All the claims made by McDonalds appear to be hypocritical when they are happy to chop down a few trees and encourage people to drive (adding to carbon emissions) for a meal that is only worth a pound or two.

Yep, Winchester Council make a lot of effort to protect their precious pompous city but poop everywhere else.

Thursday, November 3

Tory Government defeated at court twice in one week

Defeat No. 1
Environmental lawyers (ClientEarth) won a battle with the Tories in court over air pollution in our cities and urban areas. The court ruled that the governments plans were inadequate and would not bring down pollution to legal limits. This is frankly a classic Tory case of ignoring a part of government duties and only focusing on duties that fit with their ideology, the part they are ignoring is of couse the environment and long term outcomes.
What have they been doing for the environment?
Closed DECC (Department of Energy and Climate Change), basically the department had the words Climate Change in it's title so it had no chance at all with the hypocrites taking over the Tories.
Closed the Energy and Climate Change Committee (because DECC closed).
Cut support for renewable energy and increased support for fossil fuels and nuclear energy.

Defeat No. 2
 The Tories have tried to dictate the way they operate within our democracy and have said that they don't need to consult our elected MP's about the Brexit details. It's bad enough that the referendum vote was marginal across the nation, but the Tories wanted to force their ideas on us and parliament, ideas that would be permanent. Looks like they might have to do the job they are employed to do, that is to slug out the details in a democratic and transparent manor.

So how long before the government is defeated on their climate change policy?
Today the UN accused governments of failing to reduce carbon emissions sufficiently, missing the 2030 target by 23%.