Saturday, November 5

10 years a blogging...

Yep, in October this year the blog became a 10 year old.

Here are a few of my favorite posts:

2007 - Costa invades
Where are the independent coffee shops in Waterlooville today? 

2008 - Thermostat settings are important
Yes, a 1 degree change can make a difference.

2009 - My plastic soap dispenser made by bacteria
I still use it regularly with Suma Ecoleaf liquid soap.

2010 - Is all Carbon the same?
and Ratepayer got it wrong about Cowplain bombing

2011 - Hampshire Cosmetics and solar power
and Wellington Park

2012 - Kitchen measuring jug explodes!
and June rainfall map

2013 -  Hambledon Parade views
 and Waterlooville spot the difference

2014 - Sticky weather

2015 - The end of Swiss Cottage

2016 - Flats built on Swiss Cottage site

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