Saturday, February 25

Froggy is back

Mr or Mrs Frog is back in the garden, keeping guard on a lot of frogs spawn again.

Sunday, February 19

Trump has all the hallmarks of a - potential - totalitarian leader

But will he succeed?

Why do I suggest Trump has the character of a totalitarian leader?

Well, the final clue is his 'rally' this weekend. In a working democracy an elected leader accepts the rules of the process that defines the democratic system. If the leader wishes to change things, they do so using the government processes and the rules that define democracy.
Elected leaders once in office are required to work within the process. This includes public meetings and events, they accept that process and address the nation as a whole that elected the leader.

Trump this weekend is doing what all dictators do (or presidents in deep trouble??), they define the rules and bring in their own supporters to a rally, they then claim that those supporters represent the nation and implicitly suggest that anyone else can't exist or is not worthy to be a citizen of the nation.

Another indicator of a dictator is the attack on the media. Trumps claims of Fake News and lying media is straight out of the Dummys Guide to becoming a Dictator. Trump claims everyone who attacks his ideas and position are liars. This process in itself is not important, it is the fact that Trump does it and believes it makes sense to continue down that path that indicates that dictatorship is a trait he has.

Let us not forget that Hitler basically whined and complained his way into power and he pulled thousands of others into power by suggesting their problems were basically the same as his.

I'm not a great fan of Thatcher, but the fact is she didn't complain about Spitting Image or the numerous other attacks on her politics and personality made by the media. She new it was a part of the democratic system and free speech.

Trump and his buddies do not appear to tolerate democracy or satire. This is either a ruse, or the they are incompetent or they genuinely have totalitarian tendencies.

This blogger BTW has become a real fan of Saturday Night Live, it is the key to prevent the likes of Trump destroying his nation and taking the world with it!