Sunday, November 5

Hampshire County Council to close recycling centres

Hampshire County Council has approved £140 million of cuts that include the closing of half the counties recycling centres unless changes are made by Westminster.

The counties - antiwind turbine - council leader, a Mr Roy Perry, believes that recycling is not a fundemental part of economic prosperity. In other words if we don't recycle then by a miracle, in the future we will still have the same amount of resources to build an economy as we do today. Yep, steel and aluminium will magically appear in the earth, put their I assume by a god, and then we can all carry on as before.

One of the fundemental changes in economics over the last 10 years has been the realisation that the economy must include nature and the fact that we have limited resources when balancing the financial books. It is OUR duty to make sure future generations have access to the same resources as us.


These difficult times...

...are going to get harder unless the majority start shouting out and shut down the zenophobes, racists, extreme patriots and left wing ideologists.

Nationalism and hatred appear to be uncontrolled and no one seems to want to remember the past which is full of dictators and basic hell.
This is highlighted by the fictional story about a Christian girl that allegedly complained that her Muslim foster parents made her speak Arabic, took away her cross and banned her from eating bakon. The list of lies basically made up by some people in so called British media was very long and the nature of the story is very similar to the lies published in 1930s Germany about Jews. Because the story tries to attack a section of British society it is also undermining the stability of this nation and hence could be seen as an attempt to commit treason.
The source of the story should be investigated and those responsible should be prosecuted.

Meanwhile Trump seems to keep going despite everyone with a brain on this planet agreeing that he is a problem. That includes 'conservatives'.

Spain yet again seems to be splitting into pieces with selfish regionalism negating the greater good.

Here in the UK, Labour support withdrawing from the EU because Labour believe the EU do not want state owned industries or nationalised companies (an ideological POV), whilst Conservatives don't like the EU because they believe the UK should have it's own laws based on past historical perceptions (another ideological POV). Yes the 'extreme' left want out of the EU because their ideology dictates perfection.

Is Westminster better than Brussels? Where is the factual evidence that London has, is or will do a better job for us than Brussels?

Once Brexit has happened, all those that were criticising Brussels will just turn their attention to Westminster, whining that domestic democracy isn't providing for their personal interests. Democracy never has and never will, that is the whole point of democracy, because the alternative is that a few have what they want and others either have little of what they want or are exterminated by a dictator or monarch patronised by those that have what they want.

I have to appologise that this blog is focusing less on local issues. But the fact is what Trump does or what May does has an impact on all that live in Waterlooville. If these idiots left things alone we could all get on with our local lives and build a future that ourselves and all those across the world could be proud of.