Saturday, July 19

Electric bike association

Yep, the electric bike industry is so big now that it has it's own association:

Looking at buying one myself in the not to distant future.

Monday, July 14

Guat boots resoled

Got me Guats resoled - after about 6 years since the original purchase - for £42 .

Nice job and the boots are restored to their former glory.

Could have gone to a local shoe repair shop, but I trusted the original makers to do the best job so sent them back to Guat in Sheffield.

Sunday, July 13

Nissans electric van/taxi/minibus

Robert test drives the Nissan e NV200, he points out that maintenance costs are about a quarter of the cost of running a diesel van:

Sunday, June 22

Climate Change the state of the science

Good video produced by the International Geosphere-Biosphere Programme showing the current state of science on the subject of Climate Change:

Saturday, June 21

Try a bus

New web site encourages you to try a bus:

With leather seats, wifi, automated bus stop announcements and BBC news on display, I certainly find it a better experience now.

More homes on Taylor Wimpey site

A failure of Taylor Wimpey and Havant Borough Council to create a hybrid and sustainable development has led to HBC councillors agreeing that no empoyment properties (other than shops) will be built at Wellington Park. Instead HBC councillors have approved the building of more homes and the councillors say there will be employment at the Dunsbury Hill Farm development.

It appears that developers and councillors are forcing the unsustainable developments of the past onto us today, they put little effort into creating new sustainable developments and instead fall back onto the idea of large housing estates built miles from any work place. Thus people are forced to drive to work which in turn requires the upgrading of unsustainable infrastructure to make it work.