Thursday, July 6

Plastic clothes causing pollution

Plastic fibres and particles from polyester and acrylic clothes are washed into our water resources:

Yet another reason for not buying clothes made from artificial fibres. I have avoided plastic clothes where possible (and not always successfully) for many years now (before this blog was started).

Plastic is designed to last for hundreds of years, unfortunately clothes and the plastic fibres that they are made are only designed to last for a relatively tiny amount of time. OK you might wear a pair of  polyester trowsers for a few years, but that is nothing compared to how low the material will last.

So if you have clothes that generally only last a few years, it makes sense that the materials used to make them should also bio-degrade not long after. Even if you don't think that does make sense, this new finding is just an additional or alternative reason for avoiding plastic as much as possible.

Monday, July 3

Pro-Brexit zenophobe harrasses British pensioners

I witnessed the ongoing racism and zenophobia unleashed by UKIP and the Tory party today with their campaign
for Brexit.

Four British pensioners were being harrassed on the No 7 bus by a racist Brexit fan for speaking Chinese and not English. The crazy and possibly drunk racist was confronted by another passenger regarding the their own language and credibility. The racist then began to harass the defending passenger, threatening violence and intimidating them.

The pensioners eventually got off the bus and the racist continued harrassing the defending passenger.
The whole episode was un-nerving and a number of passengers probably got off the bus before their final destination.

On a more logical note. Brexit will not stop people talking whatever language they want. That includes Klingon!

Or will it?
The fact is the pensioners stopped talking in Chinese because of the harassment. In other words 'nationalist' intimidation stopped their freedom. I think it is likely we will see more primitive behaviours like this unless something is done to stop it.

Sunday, June 25

Building cladding in the Portsmouth area

Southdown View block of flats at Hilsea. For some time now the ground floor intended for retail businesses has been boarded up. The boarding has been removed and it appears that glass windows are being installed. This is of course a modern build so should be to a higher standard than older blocks.

Update 01/07/17
The News reports that Southdown View cladding has been tested:

Portsmouth University has a big portfolio of clad buildings, the most recent being student accomodation blocks.
It does seem though that the latest conversion appears to use fiberous insulation that is seperate from the external weather proofing panels.
This photo shows a panel removed from the new student block near Portsmouth and Southsea Station (maybe for inspection?).

Update 01/07/17.

Work appears to continue on the panels of these refurbished tower blocks. I was in town yesterday and there were a lot of workmen apparently putting new panels on the lower floors of the larger block.

In the photo you can see that on the 25/06/17 the panels on the lower floors were in place so I think they must have been removed in the last few days.
Was this work a result of the Grenfell disaster??

Friday, June 23

Murray Energy (Coal) sue John Oliver (British comedian)

The dying American coal industry (avid funder of Donald Trump) has decided that one man, John Oliver, and HBO are responsible for their woes, as a result Murray Energy and others are suing John Oliver for defamation.

Amusingly the legal document which Murray Energy is submitting has a lot of ranting in it appealing for the sympathy vote rather than any substantial legal claim.

The sad fact is many wealthy business folk think they are important beyond any reality just because they have wealth. Anyone who has watched John Oliver knows that he has a go at people, nations and businesses in a satirical manor which is very amusing and democratic.

The  reality is that renewable energy employs many times more people in America than the coal industry, it could employ many more including ex-coal workers!

This video posted by a lawyer deconstructs the Murray Energy lawsuit:

 Added 24/06/17...

It should also be noted John Oliver actually defames himself in the same broadcasted show! So maybe he should sue himself as well. Oh, wait a minute John Oliver has a sense of humour.

Note this video may not work for long:

Oh dear. Youtube removed the video. Told you so!


Sunday, June 18

Upgraded street lamps become EV charging points

A German company has developed street lighting technology that allows Electric Vehicles to be charged at adapted street lamps. When street lighting is upgraded to low energy LED technology, the cables that supply the lamps with power are effectively under used. This is where the EV charging technology comes in. Ubitricity can install the EV charging technology in any style of lamp post, retro or modern.

Once a street lamp is installed all an EV owner has to do is to sign up with Ubitricity, the owner then receives a special cable from Ubitricity which monitors electricity usage of the owner. The user is then debted the cost of the electricity. The cable has an inline small box with buttons and a display, so I presume that it is password protected to prevent possible mis-use. However I assume that if the cable were stolen, it could be reported and the account suspended until a new cable were supplied.

No additional load is put on the local electricity cables because they were originally designed to take a bigger load than the LED lighting puts on the system.

Robert L explains in this video how it works and interviews the local council that has installed the lamps as well as a representative of Ubitricity.

Friday, June 16

Designer 'Edison' light bulbs

Not sure what the legality is regarding the sale of high wattage designer filament bulbs.

But the fact is you can get low power LED versions I bought this one for £12 in IKEA.
1.8 watts as opposed to 40 or 60 watts for an incandescent filament lamp.

Now I am not sure where to put it!

Grenfell Tower fire and Daily Mail Green Target misinformation

The despicable Daily Mail today were pointing the finger at green energy targets for fueling the Grenfell Tower fire in London.

This of course is a political tactic from a political activist media company, it is designed to divert attention from real financial issues relating to the buildings upgrade.

Setting a green target does not imply that cheap flammable materials should be used as a cladding/insulation material in order to achieve that target. The alternative to insulation is cold damp rooms and high energy bills for the poor people living in the building.

Other newspapers (including the Express) have highlighted the fact that fire proof cladding would have only cost £5000 more for the WHOLE building. Yes the WHOLE building could have been made safer for an additional £5000.

For the cost of the Daily Mail editor (Paul Dacre) installing trendy bi-fold doors in his expensive privately owned home or installing a new bath room etc. the Grenfell building could have been made safer.

So the FACT is - 60 peoples lives were taken away so that the contractor and council could save £5000. Green targets were not responsible for that.

Please someone take the Daily Mail down in court, even social media can do better news reporting than that despicable company. It isn't amusing and we can no longer make excuses about the 'Daily Mail'.