Sunday, May 22

Waterlooville Music Festival 2016

The yearly Waterlooville Music Festival starts in a few weeks (11th to 19th June).

Shame about the badly designed supporting web page (, fortunately the Facebook page looks much better.

Highlights include:

HMS Collingwood Volunteer Band
Langstone Big Band
Portsmouth Shantymen
Ukulele Workshop for Schools
Mumbaba for Toddlers
Hampshire Police Male Voice Choir
The Octaves

Sunday, May 15

The Koch brothers fund anti-electric car research?

Interesting POV on the subject of electric car batteries, dodgy research, nuclear energy and community energy:

Riversimple - now for something completely different

Interesting company rethinking car design and ownership:

Friday, May 13

Brits only bodge for a few weeks

I take it all back:
Previous blog post:

But I have to say this is unusual. Most surfaces are left as bodge jobs and Waterlooville a classic case, with holes filled in with temporary tarmac years ago and haven't been 'corrected'.

Wednesday, May 4

Robert test drives the BMW i3 REx.

This car is electric with the addition of a small engine (647cc) that is used as a generator to charge the batteries and extend the range of the vehicle. There is no direct drive from the engine to the wheels and for most driving it can be operated as an electric vehicle.

Tuesday, May 3

I visited Stonehenge!

Here is my photo of the visit.
Did you really expect a tourist style boring photo?
Or a hippy Spinal Tap view of the stones?

Did you know that stone age folk put solar panels on their stones? They didn't just worship the Sun you know!

It was an interesting day, but certainly not the most interesting day out I have been on. I reckon that about 50% to 70% of the visitors were Asian, which is fine, but although Stonehenge is obviously important to preserve, it is massively over hyped and over sold.

There are far more interesting places to visit and I am guessing that most foreign visitors are not going to be aware of them.

Sunday, April 24

The clue is in the name

A lot of EU Skeptic hyprocrisy in the news this week with Obama's visit.

Boris Johnson apparently called Obama or the US position on the EU referendum hypocritical.
But of course Boris and some of the UK national press fail to point out that USA is an acronym for United States of America (US - United States being a shorter variant).

Previously EU skeptics pointed out that they didn't want to see the EU become a United States of Europe, this basically implied that they viewed the United Kingdom to be the equivalent of California or Oregon within the United States.

So where does this logically take us then?

Clearly prominent EU skeptics did not see the UK as being the equivalent of the US, rather they saw us as being a small 'State' that was being sucked into the United States of Europe (USE ??).
But now Boris and co are creating a logical fallacy that contradicts the previous stance by saying that the UK is the equivalent of the US and should not allow it's laws be determined by what they now see as a foreign government.

Suddenly we have gone from being a state within the USA to being the whole of the USA!

This is the sort of game ideologists play because it is the only game an ideologist can play. It's like using a metaphor in the design process of a product, eventually the metaphor becomes broken and (for instance) the use of the word 'Windows' to describe a computer interface no longer has the same meaning or context. The fact is a political ideology is doomed lie to and mislead the public in order to survive, otherwise it must destroy itself.

It should be pointed out that the EU is effectively the result of a post WWII project that was started in order to combat the propaganda of Soviet Russia (and other Communist states) during the Cold War and to create a peaceful movement of unity within Europe in order to prevent war in the future between its nations. Public information films during the 1950s all across Europe were designed to emphasise European integration and peaceful coexistence, it was a 'capitalist Western' project.

The fact is the US is practicing it's independence and saving on bureaucracy costs by negotiating a single deal with a big block of nations. That is exactly what Boris Johnson and co would expect from a nation, reducing costs and putting itself first. So why is he whining? If he thinks that is wrong, then he should be campaigning to stay in the EU.