Monday, September 29

Manufacturers want to stay in the EU

If manufacturers want to stay in the EU, that implies that UKIP and many Conservatives are anti-manufacturing. Thus condemning us to a continuing product trade deficit with countries like China and continuing an unbalanced economy biased to support traditional Conservative membership.

Salvador Caetano/Wadham Stringer ends up as a Sainsburys. Go figure...

Sainsburys update

Sainburys large store (above) is due to open this winter. My mother who once didn't really mind or understand it's impact is now of the same view as me. It will have a negative impact on Waterlooville. What Havant Borough Council and others choose to ignore is that it effectively disrupts the flow of activity that was once present along Hambledon road into Waterlooville and effectively adds another 'block' to the traditional access of Waterlooville. The view is that Waterlooville will be cut off because many now won't bother going into the centre, especially in from the Hambledon road route.

The history of development and the cut off of Waterlooville started when the bipass was built and Hambledon road was cut off just below St Georges church. Following that event, Havant Borough Council sold the part of Hambledon road servicing Wadham Stringers to private investors. This eventually led to the retail park being developed and the road being turned into a feeder to the retail car park (above)

And so Havant Borough Council continues it's anti-local business agenda that supports mass car use and the monopolies of big business. In the photo above is Sainsburys attempt - that is fully supported by the council- to provide access to cyclists and pedestrians. The fact is it highlights the pro-car agenda the council has. The car park is a nightmare to get through for pedestrians and cyclists even now years after it was created and the ramp is just another meandering attempt to bodge another solution.

Pedestrians and cyclists are the leaders of sustainability and healthy life styles that reduce costs for the council, yet Havant Borough Council continue to push the car onto us with ideological intensity.

Sunday, September 7

97 climate scientists speak out for 97 hours

The 97 Hours of Consensus project starts today with the launch of an interactice web app that displays a qoute from a climate scientist every hour for 97 hours.

The application itself is quite cool and shows the outline of each scientist in a crowd, as each hour passes, a cartoon of the scientist is revealed and when clicked on their quote is revealed.

Friday, August 29

Formula E racing starts soon...

Get ready to tune into ITV4 to watch the first ever season of Formula E electric car racing.
Starts on 13th Sept:

Friday, August 22

Visit to South Downs Planetarium

Recently visited South Downs Planetarium in Chichester for one of their public shows. Unfortunately it wasn't impressive, I think the presentation was aimed at school kids and families, so was pretty basic.

Instead of a professionally designed recorded presentation, the narrative was conducted by (I assume) an amateur scientist or a teacher from the local school. He had a really loud and aggresive voice which was disconcerting.

As well as that issue, the images that were projected over the star field were poorly edited (with the exception of a photo of the moon that blended well with the background), in one case a photo of the earth was badly cropped so that the north and south poles were missing, in another example the edge of the film could be seen, complete with sprocket holes.

After about 10 minutes I was thinking I have to sit through another 50 minutes of this and I would have learned more by watching a Horizon documentary on BBC TV.

That's the point really, the planetarium is competing with HD TV and Imax cinemas, it basically can't compete if the presentations are poorly produced by SMEs (Subject Matter Experts), they just don't have the skills to put together an engaging narrative or the skills to produce the media.

If the Planetarium can't afford such presentations, then it needs to seek volunteer designers that can help. People that are happy to spend a little time to improve the quality of the presentations. Even small changes to the images projected would be a huge improvement.

They appear to be spending money on the building, but that seems to miss the point. People go there to be impressed by the presentations, that is the attraction, a better looking building isn't going get me to return.