Thursday, August 20

The Cost of Costa

Garbage by the Milton Road bus stop since the new Costa opened in Wellington Retail park.

It appears that the bus stop is a regular place for litter louts. Maybe it's about time for a bin and for the council to spend a bit of money.

Yep there are 5 Costa cups.

Sunday, August 2

On a brighter note...

Improved pedestrian and cycle path
It's good to see that all the complaints about the pedestrian path/route through the Waterlooville Wellington Retail Park that I made on this blog over the years have been addressed.

See this speculative blog post that I made a few months ago (which includes links to other blog posts on the subject):

The path is now raised and has a curb, it also has had the number of exists/entrances that cut through the path reduced, making it far more acceptable as a way of getting into Waterlooville on foot.
As well as those practical features, there are also big 'planters' with trees and a few seats placed along the path (street furniture).

Addition (9/8/15): I should also add that the upgraded path was essential to improve access to Waterlooville for those using mobility scooters. The improved path ties in with the building of the new ramp. Previously mobility scooter users had a long tortuous route that took them around the town centre and pass the fire station.

So why did it take so long to fix it?

It has been wrong for as long as this blog has been going, why didn't they do this from the start?

Plus - it of course doesn't fix the problem that the retail park was a bad idea from the start and has helped to ruin our town centre.

Friday, July 31

Conservatives continue to ignore science

The Friends Of the Earth are 100% correct with their attack on the Conservatives. We have all known for a long time that there are many Conservatives that are ignorant or choose to be ignorant of climate science (and other sciences) in order to pursue a political and economic ideology.
Since the election they have put into action extremely damaging policies that will undo many years of excellent work that started to reduce carbon emissions, created new businesses and jobs.

The policies include:
  • Onshore Wind farm support cuts.
  • Commercial Solar farm support cuts.
  • Commercial Biomass energy project support cuts.
  • Scrapping of the Green Deal with no replacement.
  • Delayed introduction of zero carbon homes.
  • Reduced tax on pollution.
  • Introduced the Climate Change Levy on the renewable energy industry.
  • Removal of tax breaks on low carbon cars including hybrids but excluding electric vehicles.
The Conservatives continued their campaign of lies and misinformation to defend and justify a series of very foolish and potentially law breaking policy changes that will cost future generations not just a lot of money, but also lives.

The Conservatives use the claim that the left have hijacked the climate change cause, but the fact is that is a red herring. Cutting carbon emissions is not linked to ideology, you just have to get on with it and do it, the same policies to do it apply to all political parties. In effect the Conservatives have made it an ideological issue by scrapping all the policies that were essential to cut emissions, they haven't got the guts to continue with emissions cuts because the long term benefits of such cuts can never feature in Conservative ideology and religion which is fundamentally short term.

Conservative ideology is about 'now', it can't cope with looking more than a few years into the future.

But science and nature don't care about politicians, the rules of science are mathematical and ultimately they detemine the future (on this planet at least) based on the actions we take now. So the FACT is, actions taken now can either be good or bad for future outcomes depending on the type of actions taken.

The Conservative sudden cuts in support for renewable energy, low carbon housing, insulation for homes etc is unforgiveable especially when it is known that much of the support can be slowly removed without damaging a flourishing green business sector.

How can democracy be working if political lunatics can do this?
We don't want this pathetic old political battle, we want political decisions about energy and environment based on facts, not lies and politcal fantasies (ideologies).

The AA also join the attack:

Friday, June 19

Berlin Formula-E race highlights.

Something a little different.
Highlights of the Berlin Formula-E electric car race:

Conservatives take an axe to the future

I have written about wind turbines extensively in the past:

This week the Conservatives decided to ignore decades of facts and research in favour of listening to the anti-science league of Toffs.

At a time when we need as much renewable energy as possible the Conservatives have given a veto vote to locals for onshore wind farms, whilst leaving out similar votes for fracking and nuclear energy. They have also decided to remove Renewable Obligations (non-subsidised support) for onshore wind farms. (don't forget that both fossil fuels and nuclear energy world wide are subsidised!)

I have also written about Climate Change over the same period and all the science that has been researched by tens of thousands of scientists is largely becoming reality. For instance sea levels are set to rise by 5 metres as a result of a political failure to do enough to reduce Carbon emissions. Portsmouth is mostly below 5 metres so it is already 'doomed' and 5 metres is not the end of sea level rises.

Failures by the Conservatives and their extremist economic ideologists to address climate science in their policies will result in more emissions and hence much greater sea level rise will be the result.
The trouble is no political ideologist has the stamina or will to question their own ideas.

Wind farms are still the most important and cheapest renewable energy source in the UK. Many nations would pay a lot of money to have the rich wind resource that we have. Yet the Conservatives have decided to abuse their position of power, ignore the future and keep us dependent on old technology.

They are killing the nation for short term political gain. They are neglecting our future.

Keep an eye (over many years) on the Actic Ice graph on the right of this blog (it is updated by real scientists regularly), it reflects the truth.

Friday, May 29

Orkney - future island

UKIP and the Conservatives are trying to kill this future off:

Wednesday, May 27

Conservatives start their attack on wind farms

Today the Conservatives launched their promised attack on the nations current primary energy weapon against climate change.

Planning decisions regarding large onshore wind energy projects are now to be handed over to the nations anti-wind farm Conservative rural councils. Hampshire County Council have a backward thinking elite that oppose wind turbines. They have previously banned them on HCC owned land, which effectively means they will oppose any wind energy project in Hampshire.

At a time when the indicators of climate change are actually increasing dramatically with record drought in California, dramatic reductions in ice on the Antarctic peninusla and a continued downward spiral of Arctic ice.

It is not a time for the political game players and mis-representers to mess around with fact and science based policies. The Conservatives are showing just how cowardly and manipulative they are.