Monday, July 18

Britain sells more 'crown jewels'

Today a British company of international importance was sold to a Japanese company for £24 billion.

The company named ARM Holdings revolutionised microprocessor design and development from 1983 onwards. Last year more ARM processors were produced than Intel processors produced in it's entire lifetime (Intel was founded in 1968).

Everyone is familiar with Intel, because of all the adverts on TV (Intel Inside), but the fact is Intel architecture has always been bloated and followed, rather than made trends.

ARM originally stood for 'Acorn Risc Machine' and anyone familiar with the name Acorn will remember that they used an Acorn computer at school, or they used a BBC Microcomputer which was Acorns route into the large scale computer production market.

When Acorn found that American microprocessors (namely Intel, MOS and Motorola) were lagging in performance, Acorn engineers Steve Furber and Sophie Wilson decided it was time to design a new processor based on RISC technology, hence ARM processors were born.

ARM processors are now used in smart phones, TVs, cameras, washing machines and Rasbery PIs.
(But you won't see an advert on TV 'ARM Inside') .

Control is now with the Japanese. Lets just hope they don't decide to move operations to an EU country.

It's a very sad day.

Saturday, July 16

Community Police take action

I have blogged a few times about youths causing some issues in Waterlooville town centre.

Yesterday I saw that some Community Police were talking to youths in the centre, later the youths appeared to move but I didn't see where.

A commentor suggested I wasn't tolerant!

Sunday, July 10

New flats on the Swiss Cottage site

New low rent flats are being built on the Swiss Cottage site. Three storey timber frame construction from what I can make out. Is this being done on the cheap? I assume there will be a brick skin?

Electroflight - high performance electric racing aircraft

This is a great video where Robert talks to engineers developing a demonstration racing aircraft (Electric Lightning P1 E). What is impressive is the positive attitude they have. They point out the advantages electric power has for future development of aircraft including high altitude flying, fast acceleration and light weight power plant.

Tuesday, July 5

Robert Llewellyn talks about Passivhaus (Low Energy Homes)

Something that this government and large developers say would be to expensive, which is a lie of course especially in the context of long term economics and damages caused by Anthropogenic Climate Change.

More youth trouble in Waterlooville

Waterlooville for lease or demolition
Was in Waterlooville today, popped into WH Smiths and noticed 3 youths walking from the general direction of Poundland towards the clock and Subway. One was carrying a wire shopping basket with a number of packets of crisps and sweets etc. I assumed they were pranking about, had paid for the goods and walked out with the basket.

Anyway a little later I walked out of WH Smiths and in the same direction as the youths who by now had just passed Nationwide Building Society.

That's when a man shouted out and said something like 'stop'. One elderly bloke ran after the youth with the basket and caught him, then two other men tried grappling with a youth and got one on the ground. Lots of shouting etc.

Anyway it seems that the goods had been stolen and were eventually returned to the shop but I think the youths 'got away'.

Tuesday, June 28

Report Hate Crime

Racism or zenophobia are not acceptable and this negative problem has increased since the referendum. If you witness zenophobia, racism, homophobia or any other hate crime as a result of the referendum then report it:

These people need to be arrested and prosecuted under British law.