Thursday, August 16

Havant Borough Council election registration incompetence

Just received a letter today from Havant Borough Council from the electoral registration officer in an unsealed envelope.

The letter asks me to confirm the household details (as usual) for election purposes by filling in the form telephoning the council or by logging into a web page using two SECRET security codes printed on the letter! The same codes can be used to send a text confirmation on a mobile phone.

Yes you heard it, the envelope was unsealed and contained the security codes for me to enter personal details who lives at my address, their nationality, age etc.

I do not know if anyone looked inside the envelope and copied the codes. No one does. If the letter was sealed then there may have been some indication that it had been tampered with. Better still, hide the codes under a scratchable area.

On top of this apparent incompetence, they threaten a £1000 fine for supplying incorrect information. So someone could mess up your data for you and you get a fine as a result.

Any Russians out there that feel like abusing our council elections, feel free, it looks like we deserve it. Or at least the services cutting Tory council deserves it.

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