Tuesday, December 23

Salvador Caetano

It is a great shame that the Waterlooville Caetano plant has had to close at a time when we need more public transport and jobs. The site had a long history of 'coach' building, starting with Wadham Stringers building buses and ambulances. In fact Wadhams are featured on the brass plaques now embedded on the pedestrian areas of Waterlooville and on the underpass mural.

The Tory run council now has planning proposals to develop the land for even more pointless shops and car attracting terror. I wonder if the Mayor would mind if one of these retail hell holes were built near his house on Hayling Island and that he had to walk through them on a daily basis?

Obviously the optimism of Salvador Caetano for the British coach building market was completely undermined by the typically destructive mindless British car driver.

Saturday, December 13

Reducing That Electricity Bill - and other stuff

I have found wearing thermal underwear helps when trying to reduce heating bills. The trouble is when it is in the wash and you don't have any spare, you find out how much you miss it!

It just shows what a difference thermal underwear can make and you realise how ridiculous it is that all the buildings you visit must have the heating turned up just so that people wearing one layer of clothing (having driven around in their cars) can feel comfortable.

I'm looking forward to seeing the next electricity bill just to see how much it has dropped. It's not very often that one can say they are looking forward to a bill arriving!

Not much going on with the Wimpey MDA development, I suppose that is not surprising, it is good news in some respects but it also means i have less to report here!