Thursday, July 23

Portsmouth Green Fair

Portsmouth Green Fair Portsmouth Climate Action Network and Portsmouth City Council are organising a Green Fair on 5th September 2009 in the Guildhall Square. Looks like there will be eco businesses and lots of fun stuff to do. There should be more details later.

Wednesday, July 22

Vesta Isle of Wight sit in

Give your support to Vesta workers on the Isle of Wight. Join a demonstration at St Thomas Square, Newport this Friday at 5.30pm.

For more info visit SaveVestas

Saturday, July 18

Plastic carrier bags down

It is great to see that supermarkets have cut the number of free plastic carrier bags given out at the checkouts. 48% is an impressive cut and the environmental groups are correct in saying that it shows what businesses and people are capable of doing when they put their minds to it.

I have been using the stronger plastic multiple use bags for some 7 years now. In fact one lasted about 6 years before needing to be recycled and replaced. The trick of remembering to take one when shopping, is to keep one or two folded up in your jackets/coats. In any case, after a while it becomes habitual to look for a bag before you go to the shops.

I actually started this blog because of plastic bags spotted in hedgerows and trees. Hopefully the original subject that got me blogging will be one I won't have to return to in the future?
However there is still a lot of plastic packaging to deal with, we'll have to see how quickly things change.

Wednesday, July 1

Added RSS feed

Anyone wanting to subscribe to this blog via RSS, can now do so. The Atom option should allow you to add it to your browser bookmarks, the other options should work in other RSS readers.