Saturday, May 28

Green Fair - Havant Park

Went along to the green fair at Havant Park today. Despite the weather the turnout was quite good, with some interesting stalls that I haven't seen before. Amazingly Highbury College had a stall, the reason being that they have a lot of new courses starting that include subjects like installing photovoltaic, solar thermal, water harvesting systems, energy efficiency, smart metering and renewable energy awareness.

One of my favourite stalls was  Northney Ice Cream who are based on Hayling Island, they had some excellent ice creams. I ended up buying two, firstly Turkish Delight flavour which was nice a smooth, then later I tried the Rum and Raisin flavour. Both were really good, I kid not.

Another interesting product on show were the Eko-logs which are made from rice husk food waste. Samples were available at the fair, they seemed very dense and quite heavy, apparently they burn for a longer time than wood.

An interesting event and well worth doing again.

Thursday, May 12

Waterlooville and the 1986 Domesday project

Back in 1986 the BBC created a modern Domesday project using the BBC micro computer and what was then cutting edge technology, a video disc. It was very ambitious and was ahead of its time.
The BBC have now recovered the information from the discs and placed it on the interweb.

I searched the new pages and found this page which covers Waterlooville and Havant Borough:

D-block GB-468000-108000

This page has entries for St Georges church, Waterlooville shopping precinct, Waterlooville facilities and an 'Interview with a local man', amongst other entries.

Or you can search the whole project.
Also visit the Wikipedia page for information about the technology and how data was collected.

Wednesday, May 11

Sunday, May 1