Sunday, October 30

Couldn't resist posting this amusing video

Dr Richard Milne de-constructs climate change skeptic arguments in a lecture/talk. It takes a while to get going but is worth watching from end to end:

Tuesday, October 18

Isentropic settled in over at Fareham

Looks like the innovative energy storage start up Isentropic have settled in over at Fareham.
They are now after a Chief designer, Electrical power engineer and a Design/CAD  engineer:

The web site has also been re-designed.

The company have a new system for storing energy that uses steel, Argon gas and gravel, with a high round-trip efficiency. In my opinion, probably one of the most promising energy developments for a long time.

Tuesday, October 11

Public transport travel planning

Just noticed that Google Maps now has the option of working out routes via public transport. Previously only driving and walking were available. Haven't tried it yet, so don't know how good or bad it is.
But still no cycling option??