Renewable Energy

A selection of my blog posts about renewable energy:

Isentropic Lives!
Energy storage company rises from the ashes to complete a major project.

Energy with a future and for our future
Wind energy is the way forward, not nuclear white elepahnts

How Isentropics energy storage system works
Youtube video showing how Isentropics Pumped Heat Energy Storage (PHES) system works.

Solar farm myths busted
Noise, glare, carbon footprints and other stuff, all addressed

Road vs Solar Energy at Fareham Borough Council
Analysis of the story of the Newlands solar farm project.

Pet Cats vs Wind Turbines
Myth busting wind farms and bird mortality.

Is Wind Energy Subsidised?
Analysis of wind energy support.

Why Chris Heaton-Harris is wrong about Wind Farms
Analysis of the Chris Heaton-Harris views about wind energy.

Chris Heaton Harris continues to tilt at windmills
Myth busting Chris Heaton-Harris and bird mortality.

Solar Farms, two come along...
Comment about local solar energy farm proposals.

Lovedean solar farm installed and producing energy
A look at the new solar farm at Lovedean.

Big Brother Fridges
Busting the Daily Mail rant about green 'big brother' appliances.

Isentropic get a £14 million investment
A look at a local energy storage engineering pioneer.

Some good news, Horndean solar farm gets approval
Comment on the Lovedean solar farm proposal.

Isentropic official relocate to Hampshire
Comment about the energy storage companies move from Cambridge to Hampshire

Waterlooville cosmetic company installs massive solar array
Comment about Hampshire Cosmetics solar energy installation.

Leigh Parks growing solar farm
Photos of Leigh Parks home grown solar energy.

How to become a bad salesman - write an article for The News
Critique of an advice article about solar PV panels.

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