Wednesday, February 9

Now and Then

Some photos taken near the Dukes Meadow development along the Hambledon Road in 2007 and this month:

October 2007:

February 2011:

Junction under construction across the road:

Thursday, February 3

Save Our Buses

Although I haven't noticed any significant cuts in bus services in Havant Borough, the one exception being the x42 at the weekend, it is clear that the current governments cuts may result in some services being cut by the local Conservative council.
Any cuts will have an impact on those trying to get to work and as I have often pointed out previously our dependency on cars has resulted in supermarkets dominating shopping habits, which in turn has resulted in a higher reliance on buses for pensioners and others with a low income.

Places like Hambledon are quite isolated if you don't own your own transport.

Better Transport (president Michael Palin) are running a campaign to save bus services:

The other point of course is that buses are greener than a typical car. Unless you own a Fiat 500 TwinAir then your CO2 emissions are very likely to be greater than a typical bus journey. Any cuts in bus services will also conflict with Havant Borough Councils new travel plan campaign which is aimed at getting people to use their cars less.