Wednesday, October 24

Enjoy it while you can (the fields will be toast soon)

What a nice view!

Yes some lovely fields not far away from Waterlooville, along the old Hambledon road. Trees, hedgerows, grass etc. a nice little habitat for animals, insects and birds. As a kid I played in those fields with friends.

During the war (WWII) my mother and her sisters played in those fields to, they even chased after a German pilot that was shot down nearby, in them there fields.

But enjoy those images while you can because those fields haven't got much longer to live. The big corporate developers are rolling in under the command of the government. In a few years time those fields will be covered in houses, flats, offices and shops (the West of Waterlooville MDA). Yes this so called low quality land is just the right place for humanity to expand its carbon footprint and park thousands of cars on concrete drives.

The new homes will be built to the current pathetic environmental standards where eco points can be gained for the most trivial addition to a design.

The photo on the right shows Hambledon road (a nice bit of it) and the hedgerows to the right of the road will be replaced by a small shopping complex, offices and homes.

The photo in the centre shows the nearby pylons that effectively mark the boundary of the scheme. The developers are making the land under the pylons into a 'pleasant' walk and cycle path. How nice of them! Of course they are only doing this because no one will buy a house under a pylon or its cables.

The development will of course mean masses of additional road traffic and subsequent CO2 emissions as people put their right to own a car and travel long distances to work into practice. The chances are that these people will be appeased by government, national and local.

This isn't the only development near Waterlooville, an even bigger project is due to be built nearer the town by a different developer. More on that and other stuff later.

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