Tuesday, October 23

Where's that then?

Waterlooville is in Hamphire, England, north of Portsmouth. Where is Hampshire you may well ask?
Well some would say it is on the South coast of England nestled between Sussex to the East and Dorset to the West. Some would say it is elsewhere, however these people would be wrong.

Why on earth would you call a place Waterlooville? Well having defeated Napoleon at Waterloo in 1815, Wellingtons army returned to Britain and passed through the area, some stopped off at a local pub and the area became known as Waterlooville.

Wikipedia has an entry for Waterlooville which appears to have been edited by someone working for the towns local electricians, Eric Jacksons (at least at the time of this posting). A little advert for a local company, which is great because local businesses are being devastated by the big corporates aided by the local council granting planning permission. Thankfully Eric Jacksons is still thriving, but the little local art shop that was once nearby is no longer there and the big corporates have moved in.

But i digress, Waterlooville was once a pleasant place, rural in nature and a vacation spot for the local city dwellers of Portsmouth. Trams and carriages brought city folk out to Waterlooville and people made a reasonable living in a little village.

All that changed as the 20th century progressed and Waterlooville became manipulated by the corporates and political vested interests into the environmentally desolate place it is today.

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