Thursday, August 29

Flow battery based on water

Looks like progress in developing higher energy density batteries is improving. Spotted a gem today about research conducted by the engineering giant General Electric and Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory which has resulted in a flow battery development that might be produced for about 75% less than a lithium-ion battery pack. They believe the battery could power a car for well over 240 miles which is the benchmark the US Department of Energy has set.

It's early days yet, they have a long way to go before they have a car powered by one.


Monday, August 26

Learn about climate change from the experts

If you are interested in learning about climate change and environmental issues for free and from the worlds top scientists, then Coursera is the place to go. Check out the following free online courses:

Energy, the Environment, and Our Future - Dr. Richard B. Alley (8 weeks)

Global Warming: Understanding the Forecast - David Archer

Climate Literacy: Navigating Climate Change Conversations - Dr. Sarah Burch and Dr. Sara Harris

Climate Change - Prof. Jon Barnett, Prof. John Freebairn, Prof. David Jamieson, Dr. Maurizio Toscano, Prof. Rachel Webster and Prof. David Karoly (11 weeks)

Introduction to Sustainability - Dr. Jonathan Tomkin (8 weeks)

The courses are designed for a few hours study every week and are conducted online.

Wednesday, August 21

Havant Green Family Fair

This years green fair is at Havant park on Saturday 14th September.

Features include:
Northney Farm (Ice Cream)
Angel Radio
Thrift Cottage Preserves
Havant Fairtrade Group
Riverford Organic Farms
Cycle Hayling
O'Hagans Sausages
Wayside Organics
Caterpollar Crafts
Field Farm Project
Juggling Jake
and many more.
For more information check the web site

Latest leaflet and event details: 

Sunday, August 18

Richard Rodgers house built in a day

It's time to move on.

Whether you like the design or not, is neither here nor there. You can't help but admire the fact that the idea would help solve a lot of problems in the UK. The system was used to build the London Olympics 2012 Velodrome.

Richard Rodgers Homeshell
Homeshell in the RA Courtyard
Building Design Online

Saturday, August 10

Waterlooville Fete 2013

There will be a fete in Jubilee Park next weekend on Sunday 18th August, from 11.00 to 15.00.
Some of the money raised will go to Rowans Hospice and Hannahs Holidays. Admission is free.

Wednesday, August 7

Electric buses and under-road charging come to the UK

Milton Keynes will be the site for testing new electric buses and under-road battery charging this year. Milton Keynes route No7 diesel engined buses will be replaced by Arriva run electric buses that will have their batteries charged along the route whilst parked for scheduled driver breaks.

The battery charging is contactless and via a coil buried in the road at the parking spaces (presumably at bus stops). It isn't exactly a new idea, similar systems are used in China, South Korea, Europe and other places, I think it's the first time the idea has been trialed in the UK. The No7 route has been chosen because it is very busy and will be used to see if the system can be rolled out world wide.

South Korea have taken it a step further and have developed a system that allows charging along short stretches of road so that the buses don't have to stop to charge.

Saturday, August 3

HMS Victory - a place in history

Visited the Historic Dockyard Museum recently. Many don't realise that the Victory was active at the start of the industrial revolution. Don't be fooled by the fact that it is powered by sail, it was a sophisticated piece of kit, far ahead of the Mary Rose which sank 233 years before the Victory was completed:

1759 - Keel laid down
1775 - Jane Austen born, James Watts first advanced steam engine
1778 - Victory fitted out and completed
1786 - Albion cotton mill fitted with steam engine
1792 - First home with gas lighting
1794 - Whitney patents cotton gin
1802 - Trevithick demonstrates steam locomotive. Cruickshanks trough electric battery.
1805 - Battle of Trafalgar, Nelson dies
1807 - First successful steam boat
1815 - Battle of Waterloo, defeat of Napoleon
1817 - Jane Austen dies