Monday, August 26

Learn about climate change from the experts

If you are interested in learning about climate change and environmental issues for free and from the worlds top scientists, then Coursera is the place to go. Check out the following free online courses:

Energy, the Environment, and Our Future - Dr. Richard B. Alley (8 weeks)

Global Warming: Understanding the Forecast - David Archer

Climate Literacy: Navigating Climate Change Conversations - Dr. Sarah Burch and Dr. Sara Harris

Climate Change - Prof. Jon Barnett, Prof. John Freebairn, Prof. David Jamieson, Dr. Maurizio Toscano, Prof. Rachel Webster and Prof. David Karoly (11 weeks)

Introduction to Sustainability - Dr. Jonathan Tomkin (8 weeks)

The courses are designed for a few hours study every week and are conducted online.

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