Saturday, November 5

Unelected Newspaper Corporations, they don't run this nation

On the issue of Brexit and recent media comments...

Some of our national press (Daily Mail, Express and Telegraph) are currently enemies of the people.

Parliament will determine our future, NOT fat cat media liars.

There could be a case for legal action to be taken against the editors and other officials of newspapers for inciting hatred.

The question is... Why did the Tories and UKIP con everyone into believing that we could easily leave the EU?

Anyone who is competent does their research thoroughly then decides whether they can achieve what they want, but of course political parties just make up policies to win support then find out later that they have lied to everyone and can't achieve what they sold to the public.

If people are angry, then it isn't the judges or Gina Millers faults, it is a combination of ignorant politicians and the lies they sold to some (Brexit) voters who do not understand how are democracy works.

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