Tuesday, August 2

Wellington Park

Yet another change of name for the Taylor Wimpey housing development, once called Dukes Meadow and I think something else before that?? Now it's called Wellington Park, which is less subtle than Dukes Meadow. For a few months even the name of the developer changed, but now they seem to be happy with Taylor Wimpey:


carrie said...

I thought Wellington Park was the newer bit and Duke's Meadow the first built? bit of an eyesore, those buildings IMHO but I suppose those living in them don't think so. I do object to building on farmland though - it takes so long to return it to food use

TheVille said...

You could by right Carrie, I didn't think of that. Looking at the plan, Wellington Park is a part of the total development.

Anonymous said...

Wellington Park has to be the most disgusting eyesore of a development since the Tricorn ! Whoever designed this should be shot and whoever allowed it to be built too, should also be shot. Its appalling. Its future is easy to easy....5 years time a run down, no go area full of riff raff. What a shame and shame on Taylor Whimpey and the senseless planners who agreed to this montrosity !