Saturday, December 15

Costa Waterlooville invasion

Whilst doing my regular shopping trip in Waterlooville, i couldn't help notice that the Costa coffee shop chain has taken over the old Woolwich Bank site.

I am worried for the existing cafe's and coffee shops in Waterlooville. In particular Cafe Moka which has been built up by some local girls and does a roaring trade. They also have a cafe in Emsworth. I just hope they survive in face of the possibly aggressive competition from Costa.

I wish local government were more supportive of local businesses. Considering the Waterlooville area is primarily Tory ground, one would think they would be.


Anonymous said...

Yes I agree, Waterlooville is a lovely place to live, shop and have a coffee.

Anonymous said...

its just a coffee shop.

TheVille said...

Nothing is ever 'just' something. If only life was that simple.

Businesses do something for a reason, eg. a potential increase in population due to building on valuable farm land.

Cause and effect.