Thursday, January 17

Trenches at Waterlooville

Initial survey work and the digging of test trenches has started on the Grainger part of the West of Waterlooville MDA. I'm not sure what the trenches are for, but it looks like they are checking the composition of the soil.

The diggers and bulldozers moved in days ago, similar trenches were dug on a different section of land last year.

I think crops were grown on the land last year. You can't actually see the trenches from London road, you have to climb up the embankment to get a good view of them.

Like the George Wimpey development nearer Denmead, this housing/commercial development will permanently take this land out of agricultural use and/or remove it as a habitat for wild life. At the same time the weak environmental regulation of building in the UK will mean carbon emissions will also increase.

Sadly when people move into their new Grainger and Wimpey homes, they won't care that the land their homes are built on was once green or what Waterlooville looked like before the homes were built.

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