Tuesday, February 26

No Car Day at Waterlooville?

Oh if only Waterlooville can follow Marlows example and give up cars in a big way. I refer to the Channel 4 show called 'The Woman Who Stops Traffic' which was broadcasted this evening at 9pm. It was a joy to see the streets of Marlow empty of traffic and what seemed to be a commitment to change.

The solution in Waterlooville isn't to push cars into car parks on the outskirts of the town that pedestrians have to walk through to get into town, the solution is to get people to stop using their cars altogether, to walk and cycle. A 40% reduction in traffic (and a 40% reduction in green house gas car emissions) in Marlow was impressive, with no reduction in commerce, business etc. Plus the majority of the kids got to school without a car.

Finally everyone in Marlow was that little bit healthier to!

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