Wednesday, July 2

Local shop helps locals to increase landfill

The Martin Mccoll shop at Hambledon Parade have normally stocked milk in plastic recyclable containers for around a decade or so, then i ventured into the shop recently and was confronted with 1 litre tetrapak milk cartons on the shelves.

These cartons will not currently be accepted by the local recycling scheme and as such it is a step backwards, when everyone else is trying to make steps forward to reduce their environmental impact. My advice is don't buy milk in these tetrapaks until they can easily be recycled locally.

There are schemes for recycling tetrapaks, but in this area that would probably require the cartons to be sent off somewhere. Some council areas have places where tetrapaks can be taken for recycling, that doesn't currently include Havant and Waterlooville.

For more information about Tetrapak recycling visit the
Tetrapak site and map:

Where can i recycle Tetrapaks?

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