Wednesday, April 15

Havant Tesco's gets the green light

We can look forward to more jobs losses as the Havant Tescos gets the green light to increase in size. Tory councillors and Tescos itself claim the larger store will create 300 jobs. Which is a misleading statement when the business will clearly be competing with other businesses that already sale similar products.

The store will sale electronics products, many of which will be imported, increasing carbon footprints. Also the increased size will mean the store will have a larger catchment area, attracting car drivers, increasing their carbon footprints.

Today, UK apple producers were pointing out that price competition between supermarkets is pushing apple prices down, resulting in more imports. This follows the trend in milk, vegetables and other food produce, where more and more is being imported. This is not good news for the future of the nation.


Danners said...

i hear also that they want to run a bus service from the town centre to the store. This is a real shame for the small independent buisnesses in Havant

TheVille said...

I'm not familiar with the location of the store.
I thought it was near the town centre already, within walking distance?

So why do they need a bus?

Anonymous said...

Really dont know why thats just what I heard. I think its well within walking distance yeah

The bus is a free bus too! mental

Steve said...

On a plus - the Food Home Delivery service will only drive from Havant, currently this area is served by Chichester.

Though we don't shop their anymore - it's too expensive. Sainsburys seems better value, and better food. And they have posher delivery drivers.

TheVille said...

I like the idea Waitrose have of re-introducing the delivery cycle.
They have 4 stores trialling electric bikes that can carry about 20 bags of shopping within a 15 mile catchment area.

But they aren't removing vans off the road while using these bikes.
Waitrose also lend out cycle cargo trailers to carry shopping, but i'm not sure Waterlooville Waitrose participate in the scheme.

TheVille said...

Seems like the small businesses are still concerned about the free bus:

Steve said...

I'd love to be able to afford Waitrose for all our food shopping - sadly it's out of reach by some margin. Though we do visit spend a few pounds there each week on non-essentials.

Their beer and wine selection - and free tastings if you time it right - are fantastic. Thank goodness we walk there - drunk in-charge-of-a-pushchair is not an endorseable offence.

Anonymous said...

I agree the beer and wine section is good there. Its a good place if your looking for that particular thing or two!