Thursday, June 3


Looks like the Coastliner700 bus service is being improved. This is the service that runs from Portsmouth to Brighton and is very popular. Apparently the number of passengers has doubled in the last 5 years, as a result,  from the 6th June the frequency of the service is changing from a bus every 30 minutes to a bus every 15 minutes.
That is quite impressive! The last time I remember such an upgrade in services must have been in the days of nationalised buses. The bus service has its own web site and 21 new low emission doubledecker buses are now being used along the route.

There is also a Coastliner700 booklet that can be picked up from bus stations and other places which include discounts to various attractions if you have a Stagecoach bus ticket that takes you to the attraction. The discounted attractions include Fishbourne Roman Palace, Portsmouth Historic Dockyard and Weald & Downland Museum. The discounts are also available by downloading vouchers from the bus service web site.


Smokey said...

My guess on the increased passengers is the pensioners bus pass, now it is able to be used across Local Authority & County borders with restrictions

Once it was own council area only, now I can travel from Havant to Bognor without any problems, or expense

I met a pensioner on my return bus at Chichester, she had come from Brighton

Smokey said...

Oops, meant to say "without" restrictions

TheVille said...

Hi Smokey,

Do you think pensioners should pay something towards their fare, even if it is only a token amount?

Smokey said...

Not really, but as a pensioner I would say that wouldn't I?

I know before free bus pass I used my car & never used buses, now I use buses

If charging was introduced I would just go back to car again, as I suspect would thousands more, the result would be reduced passenger numbers & eventual loss of unprofitable services