Monday, January 17

Fuel costs

It looks like the sob sob stories about increasing fuel costs are hitting the news today.

BBC news had a 'story' about a chap working at a printers some 50 to 60 miles from his home and he allegedly decided to quit his job due to increasing fuel costs. What we don't know of course is whether he liked his job much and what other pressures there were in his life. Had he checked other travel options, or was his male ego married to his car?

Many people that worked freelance/self employed in the 80s often lived away from home and shared the costs of weekday accommodation with fellow contractors. Carpenters working on site, work away from home for months. This is common practice.

Of course the 'printer' could have rented his home out and bought a property nearer work, or even looked at the possibility of buying a smaller fuel efficient car!

But no, this is not what the media wants, especially the likes of the Daily Mail and even the BBC. For those sources, we need to be told that innovation is bad, personal vehicle ownership is our right and getting on our bikes is no longer a good thing.

What on earth would our ancestors make of our apathetic life styles?
The media complain about the health and safety culture, but at the same time want us to drive everywhere, increasing the risks of rickets and heart disease. In order to attract sales and advertising the media set out to confuse. Probably because they are themselves confused and incompetent.

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