Friday, June 3

Isentropic set up shop in Fareham?

Whilst scanning Monster for jobs in the local area I came across a very interesting job with a company developing a unique energy storage technology. Isentropic have their main office in Cambridge, but the advert is for a vacancy in Fareham.

I did a double take when I saw the name and the location. You can bet that the mainstream media will miss this story completely or ignore it.

To quote the company:
Isentropic is a small company developing a solution to large-scale energy storage and has developed the answer with a ground breaking reciprocating heat engine /​ heat pump of unprecedented efficiency and low cost.​  Isentropic is working in an exclusive, new and exciting market sector that will lead to enormous career potential.​
With the potential to store large amounts of energy cheaply from renewable energy sources, the company has a lot of potential. It's good to have them in Hampshire.

For more information about the technology, visit the Isentropic web site.

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