Saturday, March 10

More plumbing!

The cold water kitchen tap finally decided to stop working yesterday. The plastic knob on the top no longer turned the tap on and off due to wear and tear.
Luckily about two or three years ago, my brother was replacing his kitchen sink and taps and was about to throw out the lot. I stepped in and retrieved the two taps and kept them, thinking that I would replace mine with them (my two were already a cause for concern back then).
So I turned the water off and decided to see if the valve assembly from my brothers taps would fit in on my faulty tap.

Luckily it did and as a result, I didn't even have to get under the sink to remove the old tap. I now have a fixed tap that cost nothing to repair and I have a spare valve assembly on the second tap I got off my brother which can be used in future for another free repair.

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