Wednesday, May 16

Hampshire Cosmetics participates in Havant Goes Greener week

Waterlooville based Hampshire Cosmetics will be participating in 'Havant Goes Greener' week next month (18th to 23rd June). I am not sure of the details but they will be showing off their big solar panel installation in an event called 'Going Solar'. The Waterlooville company has had many awards for it's sustainable approach to business so have good credentials (not often I say that about a business!).

The event is on Thurs 21st June. There are limited spaces for the visit, so you need to book in advance at the Havant Goes Greener web site:

Other events during the week include:

Driving the Green Way
Information Road Show
Keeping Bees
Birds of Langstone
Keeping Chickens
Switching to Green Energy
Big Green Family Fair
and many more.

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