Tuesday, July 24

Cyclepath Signs

Sometimes there is some confusion about cyclepaths. In particular some motorists seem to think that it is compulsory for cyclists to use cycle paths. I think such attitudes are in some cases based on prejudice and self centred attitudes, but not always. Hence getting cyclists off the road maybe a political goal for them.

The reality is that there is no legal requirement at all for cyclists to use cycle paths. The quality of cyclepaths in the UK is often not high enough to be used other than for short journeys or short sections of longer journeys. Like car users, cyclists want to get from A to B in the shortest time or distance and of course cyclists have every right to want this. So it is impractical to always use cyclepaths.

Two signs are quite common along cyclepaths, they are not instructions or demands, they are put up for information purposes.

This sign indicates that a path can be used by both pedestrians and cyclists.
This type of path in particular can cause confusion. Unless you have seen the sign at the start or at the end of the path, it will look like an ordinary pedestrian path. I am also sure that some pedestrians and motorists probably believe cyclists are breaking the law when they see them using the path.
Who could blame them, if the path is not clearly marked, accept at the start and end?

The sign is usually used on paths that are wide enough for pedestrians and
cyclists to avoid each other.

This sign indicates a segregated path. A line will be marked on the ground all the way along the path showing that pedestrians and cyclists should use different parts of the path.

This is less confusing because if you join the path between the signs, it is clear that the section is for dual use.

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