Friday, August 31

Waterlooville eyesore, to be replaced with another

The News reports that the Curzon Rooms building might be pulled down and replaced with another eyesore!
Yep, another car park no less. How imaginative.


Anonymous said...

To be honest, is it better a car park than what is there now, well, what's been there for a long time - nothing?

Plus it ought to help the trade for that wonderful Sweet Shop that has sprung up next to what is left of the Curzon Rooms. Thumbs up for independent family businesses - thankfully still there after the fire.

TheVille said...

Hi John

I think I posted before the place got burnt down. I did visit the sweet shop just after the fire and the owner must have been lucky to have not lost the lot.

What there is now doesn't encourage car use :-)
So in that respect it is not bad.