Sunday, September 9

The Summer of Kerfuffle - the fight for a long term future

It seems that Councillors are getting agitated by Havant Boroughs population actually having a voice. For years they have been asking for public engagement with the council, allegedly to help them formulate their plans. But now they are complaining that people are exercising their voices.

The whole issue seems to have come to a head in Havant where the deputy leader of Havant Borough Council has been rebutted on an issue of a plan to redevelop a large area along and near East Street. Earlier in the month a group of people led by a Green Party member decided to set up a new organisation called 'Friends of Havant'. Previously Havant Borough Council had admitted that only one developer had expressed interest in developing the area.

At the end of last month The News reported that the Plans for the area around East Street could go to public inquiry. Earlier in August the council had presented their own plans and had started attracting criticism to the point where an alternative meeting was organised with the view of discussing the issues openly rather than under the restrictions of a council consultation. Over 200 people attended the meeting.

The council has suffered criticism over other development issues over a number of months and years.
Recently an extension to the Solent Retail Park has attracted criticism and numerous other developments over the months attracted 'negative' comments.

Meanwhile in Westminster David Cameron has gone ahead with his cabinet 'shuffle' the results being an environment minister that is pro-shale gas and campaigned against wind farms and a planning minister that likes removing planning rules. How much more damage can these people do?

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