Friday, November 16

Chris Heaton-Harris continues to tilt at windmills

I recently posted an analysis of statements Heaton-Harris made on BBC Radio 4 about wind turbines.

This week he continued his Don Quixote act and has been caught on camera by Greenpeace, he continues to mislead the public and in this case attacks the RSPB:

The BBC also posted an article and video:

Birds and wind turbine info:

A Summary and Comparison of Bird Mortality from Anthropogenic Causes with an Emphasis on Collisions
Wallace P. Erickson, Gregory D. Johnson, and David P. Young Jr

Bird Mortality:

Wind Turbines <0.01%
Buildings 58%
Cats 10.6%
Pesticides 7.1%

Migratory Bird Mortality fact sheet - US Fish and Wildlife Service

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