Wednesday, December 26

Dukes Meadow 2007 to 2012

The Taylor Wimpey development at Dukes Meadow is nearly completed with the 'prison block' flats dominating the view from Hambledon Road.

Although in principle there is nothing wrong with blocks of flats, I think most people aren't impressed by the cost cutting styling of the flats lining the Hambledon Road.

The initial blocks of flats were skinned with bricks, but later blocks were just skimmed with cement and then painted.

This video slide show has been put together using photos  taken over a period of 5 years and documents the changes since 2007. The slides are accompanied by an audio soundtrack.

In 1979 Robert Crumb developed a cartoon sequence called 'A Short History Of America' , I guess
this pays homage to it.


Shellthing said...

Thankyou. An excellent little video, if a little heartbreaking. In the same way at present we are quickly losing a vista which provided some glorious sunsets, looking out across the old Plant Farm land from the corner near St George's church hall.

Anonymous said...

Splendid video, although it's a really sad reminder of what we've lost. I am now continually depressed each time that I walk along Sunnymead Drive towards the Hambledon Road junction. How ever did the designs get approved for these awful flats. I would very much like to know who is responsible, or maybe it is simply my own fault for not enquiring at the planning approval stage. Progress indeed ?