Thursday, February 28

EDF try to quash climate change protestors

In November last year climate change protestors climbed a chimney at West Burton power station to highlight the problem of climate change caused by CO2 emissions. As a result of their non-violent action, EDF Energy have decided to take overwhelming and destructive legal action by filing a £5 million civil action against the protestors. A sum of money that the protestors have no hope of paying.

It is thought that the civil action is designed to crush protest against companies that are set to build numerous gas fired power stations. The founder of the Robertsbridge Group, Brendon May, labeled EDF as 'PR Idiot' firm of the year as a result of EDFs legal action. The Robertsbridge Groups clients include Coca Cola, Orange and Sainsburys and specialise in giving environmental advice to large businesses.

The protestors that climbed the chimney at West Burton were promoting the No Dash For Gas campaign set up to campaign against the governments new policy to build numerous new gas fired power stations.

The parents of one of the protestors have set up a petition which is rapidly heading for 50,000 signatures in a few days (I estimate 8000 signed up in the last 24 hours).

Sign the petition

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