Friday, April 5

State Benefits make murderers?

Osborne, AN Wilson and The Daily Mail have today suggested that there is a link between the benefits/welfare system and the fact Philpott has been sent to jail for the manslaughter of his kids.

If you apply the same logic to wealthy business owners and managers that murder, does that mean there is a problem with the business community? The same newspaper that makes links to welfare and manslaughter, doesn't seem to make the same link with company directors and businesses:

Business man murders Russian bride
Business man murders ex cop
Business man cold blooded murder
Business man wanted for family murder
Wealthy business man kills wife

Yep, based on the ideology of newspaper headlines, we should be very suspicious of wealthy people. Clearly most are psychopathic murderers! (not far off actually, considering research shows many do have troubled minds). So maybe Philpott has a lot in common with Osborne and the exploitative fantasists that run the Daily Mail.

The fact is, politicians regularly use informal fallacies to support their ideologies. In this case there are probably half a dozen or so such fallacies used.

The same fallacy used to target the welfare system, can also be used to discredit anyone in the community, whether wealthy or poor, hard working or lazy. Using the Osborne logic, then none of us should be trusted.

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