Tuesday, February 11

Ed Miliband - climate change will result in more flooding

BBC Article about Ed Milibands visit to flooded areas:

Labour has been more concerned about the high cost of energy bills than they have about climate change, the slow down in renewable energy support or the watering down of many green policies.

The flooding events have pushed out the election arguments about energy prices and tax increases or tax cuts. When is Miliband going to push climate change and carbon emissions to the front again?

Wouldn't it be cheaper to cut carbon emissions now than to deal with floods on this scale (and worse) on a regular basis in the future?

Meanwhile, globally 2014 could be the warmest on record thanks to ENSO and on Channel 4 News this evening, Nigel Farage said he has no idea if CO2 emissions are responsible for climate change. (or very similar).

Maybe he should spend some time learning about it then? It seems like an important thing for a politician to learn! Or alternatively he should take the majority of scientists support for anthropogenic climate change as fact and develop policies to reduce carbon emissions.

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