Thursday, March 13

Cycle ride at the weekend

Had a bike ride down some local country lanes at the weekend, stopped at some fields to take a break and near one of the gates to the fields I spotted that fly tippers had been busy:

The result of high carbon living, piles of tyres have been dumped presumably by a cowboy business or businesses.

Tyres can be reused and recycled but of course brainless jerks that do this don't have the neuron capacity to do anything useful with their lives.

Would it be to difficult to leave a camera at the location to capture the crooks in action?

Something like the Swann OutbackCam is designed to be left on site and is triggered by animals that move into range.

On a positive note...
On the way back I came up close to a Nissan Leaf!
It had stopped at a junction and when it drove off, it made a pleasant hum noise which reminded me of the vehicles featured in science fiction TV and films.

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