Saturday, July 26

Baffling changes to First X9 bus service on 27th July??

Well First Buses as usual have made the changes they are making to the route of the X9 tomorow as clear as mud!

But my interpretation of the cryptic time table and supporting information is this...

The X9 that stops/turns around in Hambledon will not go down the old Sunnymead Drive and Milton Road route, but will instead go down the Hambledon Road and stop at the old Charlesworth Drive bus stop on the Hambeldon Road. It will also start serving the new Berewood estate.


The X9 that stops/turns around in Denmead will not stop at the Charlesworth Drive bus stop as mentioned above but instead will take the old/current X9 route down Sunnymead Drive and Milton Road. As above it will also start serving the new Berewood estate.

In both cases the Brambles Industrial Estate will no longer be served directly, which means it will be a bit of a walk to the swimming pool and leisure centre, as well as all the factories/offices. But I guess it's not that far, but doesn't make good reading for those thinking of driving less to work.

We shall see how this develops, what with the new Sainsburys and a bowling alley etc being built.

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