Sunday, May 3

Eye to eye with a Gull

With growing problems finding food at sea Gulls are getting cheeky and aggresive. On a recent visit to Brighton I took a walk along the pier which was packed with visitors. Numerous large Gulls were flying and swooping around waiting for the opportunity of picking up a fish and chip meal from an unsustpecting tourist.

This one was standing on a sign. I edged my way towards it and got within a metre or two to take this photo. It didn't budge an inch and was indifferent to my presence.

It was like a scene for Daphne Du Mauriers 'The Birds'. One foolish 'continental' tourist decided to offer his hand/finger to the gull in the photo. But I suggested that it might take his finger off and he backed away.

Some kids on the beach near the peer were surrounded by gulls because they were playing around with a takeway carton. In a fountain further in town, Gulls were having fun and having a bath.

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