Thursday, October 8

Onshore wind energy now as cheap as chips

Bloomberg say Onshore Wind is now competitive with fossil fuels in the UK:

Meanwhile the Conservatives Amber Rudd has recently stated that the party isn't ideologically driven when it comes to their climate change skeptic driven energy policies and environment policies.

They certainly don't stick to their ideology, but not in the way Rudd suggests. The trouble is Rudd doesn't know what their ideology is or alternatively loves to misinform. Onshore wind energy is cheap, long term, low carbon, British (the winds around the Isles are for us to harness) and well established, but instead the Conservatives want to increase energy bills with experimental fracking, high carbon emissions, high energy bills, subsidised fossil fuels and nuclear power and commiting to short term supplies of finite fuel sources.

If markets are king, then fracking and nuclear energy should need no help. The fact is all Conservative policy is based on corrupt ideology, to say anything else would be a lie.

Opposing wind farms does not fit in with the idea of market driven economics. The Conservatives are a corrupt brand of capitalism and market ideology.

Not that such things should drive policy (science should drive environmental policies), but given that continued carbon emissions will have a negative economic outcome then logically low cost wind energy will have a positive double whammy on our economic future, whilst fossil fuels have a double negative impact.

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