Tuesday, July 5

More youth trouble in Waterlooville

Waterlooville for lease or demolition
Was in Waterlooville today, popped into WH Smiths and noticed 3 youths walking from the general direction of Poundland towards the clock and Subway. One was carrying a wire shopping basket with a number of packets of crisps and sweets etc. I assumed they were pranking about, had paid for the goods and walked out with the basket.

Anyway a little later I walked out of WH Smiths and in the same direction as the youths who by now had just passed Nationwide Building Society.

That's when a man shouted out and said something like 'stop'. One elderly bloke ran after the youth with the basket and caught him, then two other men tried grappling with a youth and got one on the ground. Lots of shouting etc.

Anyway it seems that the goods had been stolen and were eventually returned to the shop but I think the youths 'got away'.

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