Saturday, May 20

Empty Shops of Waterlooville in May 2017


Steve Mayne said...

Robert Dyas, Goodacres, Carpet Services of Waterlooville and Candy 'N' Cards are closing or have closed in the last month.

TheVille said...

Thanks for your comment Steve.
If you want shoes it looks like you have little choice these days. Probably a trip to Portsmouth, Havant or buy online.

It's difficult now to see what future Waterlooville shopping centre has, it used to be buzzing with shoppers and activity, I think it's got to the point where there isn't enough to keep it going.

Interesting blog you have going there on Google+

Steve Mayne said...

I think it's going to be Havant for my boy's school shoes.

Not sure what the precinct will become, but it isn't what I moved to Waterlooville for.

Thank you for the kind words about the Google± blog. We have 5,000 followers on our Facebook page which shares the same content and about 120 or so on a discussion forum. Would be good to see you on there?

I drive an EV and have Solar Panels, a couple of topics I know you are keen on after reading your blog over the years.

My website has a Contact Us page, may I ask if you could drop me an email as it'd be good to share a few ideas? Website is available via the Google± links.

Many thanks

TheVille said...

Cool regarding the EV and solar panels.
I think the progress being seen on the EV front is amazing.
Thanks for the invite BTW.

Nice to know someone is actually reading this thing!