Saturday, June 23

Be careful when buying on Amazon, the UK has failing standards.

'Which?' are reporting that Carbon Monoxide alarms sold on Amazon and Ebay failed to detect the gas they were designed to detect. Apparently the same alarms were flagged as faulty in 2016. Yet the same alarms are being sold. The BBC reports that 3 were made in China.

I recently bought some 'imperial' sized nuts for a project on Amazon, only to find that they were 'metric'. They had come via air transport (goodness knows what the carbon footprint of that was!!!) from an Asian country.

I complained but there was no way I was sending them back only to increase the carbon footprint further!

Generally speaking though UK based companies that sell on Amazon are better and sort out problems quickly.

This ties in with Brexit. Oh yes!
The fact is I don't trust a lot of crap imported from Asia unless it was designed and has been tested in an EU country, including of course the UK. But if you cut red tape to ease trade between us and some Asian nations, then inevitably many will pay, in some cases with their lives - when a poorly designed electronic device goes up in flames, bought by a low paid zero hours contractor desperately trying to keep up with the Jones.

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